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If you need a window or door RIGHT NOW, you may want to check out our Clearance Inventory. These are NOT pre-used products, these are NEW products, in their original packaging most of the time, that were either wrong sized or over ordered. They are limited in type and quantities. You can pick up these products at clearance pricing and have them right away. Call us with your size and quantity and we will look them up for you.

37.5x64 Low E White Impact Clear Glass

36x62.5 Clear Glass Low E Colonial

52x37 Low E Impact White Clear Glass

71 x 44 White Impact Clear Glass

33.5 x 37.5 White Impact Single Hung

52x37 Low E Impact White Clear Glass

20 x 30 DH Vinyl Impact Colonial

37 x 26 Clear Obscured Glass Bronze

19 x 26 White Impact Single Hung White Interlayer Glass

53 x 38 White Impact Clear Glass Single Hung

37 x 76 White impact Clear Glass Single Hung

53 x 38 Horizontal Roller White Impact XO

37 x 77 3/4 White Impact French Door Interlayer RH Outswing

37 x 79 White Impact French Door Grey Interlayer Glass LH Outswing(SOLD)

36 x 80 Classic Craft Rustic Impact LH Outswing

37 x 38 Picture Window Impact White Clear Glass

37 x 26 Single Hung Obscured Glass Impact Window

48 x 63 White Impact Picture Window

58.5 x 63 Bronze Impact HR Grey Glass

24 x 63 White Impact Clear Glass Single Hung

52 x 54 Bronze Impact Low E Grey Glass

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