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Is it really a free estimate, or am I going to have to a salesman trying to sell me when they come out to measure my openings?
It is really a FREE estimate. Our measurement department will send someone to your residence or business to measure the outside of your window and door openings. You do not need to be present, unless you live in a high rise, or where access to the exterior is unavailable, in that case, the openings have to be measured from the inside of the premises. Our measurer is available to answer any questions that you may have at that time. If you wish the measurer can also show you product information. It is your choice. Of course, you are invited to visit our showroom where a display of our products are available to you.
What is my first step?

Please contact us via Telephone (954/989.7722),
via Email (,
Fill out the Contact Form on this website, OR
simply come visit us at 5908 Johnson Street, Hollywood, Florida 33021 Mo-Fr 830a – 430p Sa 830a – 12p.

I am a Contractor/Developer? What should I do?
Call us, we truly speak your language. Our dedicated Wholesale department will work closely with you to give you and your client the best possible wholesale pricing in the market.
Why do I want or need Impact Windows and Doors?
This is the Easiest way to say it:

Benefits of Impact
Windows and Doors

  • Storm Protection
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Noise Reduction
  • Increased Security against Burglars
  • UV Protection – Protect your furniture, carpets etc.
  • Insurance Premium discounts
  • Better Resale Value

Call us, or come and visit us, and we will describe in detail each of these benefits.

Do I need a Permit?
The short answer is yes. If you are replacing window or doors, also known as retrofitting, the Florida building Code requires a permit. Do not worry, we can handle all the technicalities for you, and obtain your building permit.
Who takes care of the Permit and/or the Association Approval?
Our in house staff will personally handle your Permitting needs from preparing your Permit Package to obtaining your Association’s Approval to submitting it to the appropriate Building Authority all the way to representing you at your inspection. Our Permits are prepared by our Certified General Contractor who has over 20 years in the Florida construction business. He is not only knowledgeable of the Florida Building Code requirements but has worked with the local inspectors and plan reviewers for years.
Can I install the Windows and Doors myself?
Its ok with us. Please be sure that you know what you are doing. In the case of a DIY installation we ask that you provide us with the window/door measurements because whomever is installing should be using their own measurements.
I already have my Opening Sizes, Can I just get a price?
Absolutely. Just send them to us, preferably via email with your contact name and phone number and we will prepare your FREE estimate.
Is there a difference between Impact, Miami-Dade Approved, or Laminated language?
No, in general, it all means the same. There are some nuances between the words, but in everyday talk, it means the same. Call us and we can go it with you.
I live in an Association, how do I get their Approval?
If you have contracted us to obtain your building permit, we will handle the Association Approval process.
What is the Warranty on the Windows and Doors?
Warranties vary by manufacturer by they are usually no less than 10 years with some being 20 years. Also, different components of the window, such as the frame paint, could have a lifetime warranty. Our warranty for the labor installation portion is 5 years which is more than our competitors, who usually only give a 1 year warranty.

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