3 Signs Your Windows Need Replacing in Boca Raton, FL

Because of the extreme weather that can sometimes hit Boca Raton, FL, windows take on an added dimension of practical importance that goes beyond their aesthetic charms. For that very reason, you need to be especially aware of any signs that it might be time to get new ones. Here are three signs that you should probably consider investing in window replacement services.

1. Cracks and Other Damage

Visible physical damage to any of your windows is perhaps the clearest sign that your windows need replacing. Even the tiniest crack can turn into something larger and more serious in the next storm when it’s at greater risk of shattering and injuring you or your loved ones.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. If you detect any pre-existing damage to your windows, take advantage of the fact that we’re not currently in hurricane season and replace them with hurricane impact windows.

2. Frequent Drafts

It goes without saying that a window should be able to keep out drafts from the outdoors. As windows age or sustain damage, they might warp in all sorts of ways, creating gaps through which breezes from outside can slip in.

This can significantly decrease the temperature inside your home during the winter, thus putting an additional burden on your HVAC system. This lowers your heating system’s efficiency, likely sending your utility bills way up.

3. Condensation, Water Damage, and Decay

Water is a constant threat to the physical integrity of your windows. When rain hits your windows or condensation forms on them, this can create a breeding ground for all sorts of biological matter. These organisms can rot your window frames and even create cracks that ordinary repairs won’t be able to fix.

You must be able to trust your windows year-round in Boca Raton, FL, so don’t hesitate to take action if you see signs of trouble. Call America’s Window & Door Store and ask for some new windows today.

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