Do High Temperatures Affect My Windows in Lake Worth, FL?

Through the summer in Lake Worth, FL, the heat often tops 90 °F during the day while dropping into the 70s at night. That kind of temperature change can cause thermal expansion and contraction of the window frames and glass. Here are some ways high temperatures may affect your windows.

Summer Heat and Windows

When your window frames experience extreme temperature changes, be they vinyl, wood or other material, they weaken in the same way a piece of metal does when you bend it back and forth repeatedly. The window frames, even if they don’t eventually break, could warp. This produces undue stress on the glass and could cause it to break or shatter.

Thermal Expansion

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop thermal expansion and contraction because of the laws of thermodynamics. However, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the problem.

First, you can call us to install heat-absorbing weatherstripping, which will reduce the effect of heat on the frames and glass themselves. Installing heat-resistant shutters outside the windows will reduce the heat by blocking the sunshine. This will also help with your cooling costs at the height of summer.

What About the Windows Themselves?

You can also select windows and frames that minimize the effects of extreme temperature changes. You can do this by picking windows with a low solar heat gain coefficient.

That’s a fancy term that indicates how much heat the glass absorbs. Another determining factor is the U-factor of the glass. This is how fast the glass loses heat.

By controlling these two variables, you can reduce not only the amount of heat penetrating your home during the hottest part of the day but also the rate of thermal expansion and contraction. That will increase the lifespan of your windows and frames.

At America’s Window & Door Store, we hold full accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. With our experience when it comes to high heat and window frames, you can trust us to handle just about any window repair job. Give America’s Window & Door Store a call today if you need screen and glass repairs or new windows.

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